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Drooling and difficulty swallowing dysphagia Muscle stiffness and spasticity Loss of intellectual and cognitive function Paralysis Death, even with the best of medical care, usually occurs before the age of four. Less Common Forms While infantile Tay-Sachs is the predominant form of the disease, there are less common types seen in children and adults. The timing of the onset of the disease is largely related to the combination of genes inherited from the parents. Of the two less common forms: Juvenile Tay-Sachs disease usually manifests with symptoms anywhere from two to 10 years of age. As with infantile Tay-Sachs, the progression of the disease is unremitting, leading to deterioration of cognitive skills, speech, and muscles coordination as well as dysphagia and spasticity.
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Tay-Sachs Disease

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Late Onset Tay-Sachs and Adult Onset Sandhoff – The CATS Foundation

Symptoms can be managed. It is characterized by unsteadiness of gait and progressive neurological deterioration. The symptoms of the diseases, which present in early adulthood include speech and swallowing difficulties, unsteadiness of gait and spasticity. Like all forms of Tay-Sachs and Sandhoff there is a loss of skills — although in the adult variant this takes much longer than a child with the Infantile form. Over a prolonged period of time adults slowly decline and require more assistance.
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Rare Disease Database

What Is It? December, Tay-Sachs disease is an inherited disease caused by an abnormal gene. People with this abnormal gene do not have an important enzyme called hexosaminidase A HEXA that helps to break down a fatty material called ganglioside GM2. This material builds up in the brain, and eventually damages nerve cells and causes neurological problems. Infants usually begin to show signs of the disease between 3 months and 6 months of age.
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What Causes Tay-Sachs? This defective gene causes the body to not make a protein called hexosaminidase A. Without this protein, chemicals called gangliosides build up in nerve cells in the brain, destroying brain cells. The disease is hereditary, which means it is passed down through families.

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