Lack of facial recognition

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Genetic Disorders Think of the faces of those that mean the most to you—your parents, siblings, a significant other, your children. Now imagine waking up one day and not being able to recognize any of them. What sounds like the plot of a science fiction novel is an actual medical condition known as prosopagnosia, the inability to recognize or distinguish faces. Why Prosopagnosia Is Known as Face Blindness Prosopagnosia, also known as face blindness, may come with difficulties recognizing other things like facial cues and places.
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A surprising number of people can't recognize faces — sometimes even their own

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A lack of facial recognition leads to loneliness for people

PA The information commissioner has expressed concern over the lack of a formal legal framework for the use of facial recognition cameras by the police. In a landmark case, Ed Bridges , an office worker from Cardiff , claims South Wales police violated his privacy and data protection rights by using AFR on him when he went to buy a sandwich during his lunch break and when he attended a peaceful anti-arms demonstration. The technology maps faces in a crowd and then compares them with a watchlist of images, which can include suspects, missing people or persons of interest to the police. The cameras have been used to scan faces in large crowds in public places such as streets, shopping centres, football crowds and music events such as the Notting Hill carnival. Facenna said:
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Autism and Face-Blindness: Facial Recognition Difficulties in Autism

Facial blindness is a spectrum, neuroscientists say By Olivia Goldhill September 3, Scientists have known about prosopagnosia, a disorder that leaves sufferers unable to recognize faces—sometimes even their own reflection—for decades. But in recent years, researchers in the field have slowly established that our ability to recognize faces lies along a spectrum, meaning that even those without a fully-fledged disorder have a neurological excuse for their poor facial memory. And it turns out this fear of causing offense is common among those with prosopagnosia. They have a genuine condition. When I once tried to drive from south to central London, I somehow wound up driving west to Heathrow airport.
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Some people have a condition that makes it difficult for them to recognize familiar faces, even those of friends and family. Sometimes they may even have issues recognizing themselves. This is called prosopagnosia. It's not necessarily linked to brain damage or any other intellectual problem; the prolific author and neurologist Oliver Sacks was a prosopagnosic. Merriam-Webster added prosopagnosia to the dictionary earlier this week.

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